Amazon Echo:: Your Biggest Questions Answered!

    Amazon Echo:: Your Biggest Questions Answered!
نویسندگان Steve Smalls
سال 2016
شابک 9781535342858
تعداد صفحات 12 pages
اندازه 1446 KB
فرمت EPUB
قیمت 14000 تومان 2800 تومان بن تخفیف


Everyone is buzzing about the Amazon Echo, the wireless speaker and voice-powered personal assistant all in one! Alexa, the artificially intelligent personal assistant housed in the tiny speaker, is like “Siri on steroids” because of her potential to act as a control hub for your home and your media. But does Alexa really provide enough convenience and assistance to warrant purchasing the Echo? What functionality does Alexa have? How can you get the best oout of your Echo? What doesn’t Amazon tell you about Alexa and the Echo? We've got all your burning questions about the Echo answered as well as the tips, tricks, to maximize the value of your Echo! We can’t wait to dive in! Are you ready?